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Monthly Archives: September 2018

  • Join Arnott for AIMExpo Powersports Industry Week 2018 in Las Vegas

    Join Arnott for AIMExpo Powersports Industry Week 2018 in Las Vegas – October 11-14, 2018 at Mandalay Bay

    Arnott at AIMExpo 2018 Booth 1715AIMExpo brings together the entire powersports industry, providing a platform for business growth, product realization, consumer awareness and increased industry interest. The event features a Dealer Summit on Oct 11 & 12 for dealers to network with their industry peers, attend seminars, and learn about great products like Arnott Adjustable Air Suspension kits for motorcycles. Then over the weekend (Oct 13 & 14) the show opens up to the general public who can walk the Expo floor and check out the 400,000 square foot “AIMExpo Outdoors” where demo rides from major motorcycle manufacturers will be offered.

    Visit Arnott’s booth 1715 where we will have bikes on display from Henderson Harley-Davidson® with Arnott Air Suspension Kits installed. #ElevateYourRide @AIMExpo

  • Guide to Riding V-Twins for the Inseam Impaired

    Do you long to hit the road on a big V-Twin Harley-Davidson®, but think the bike may be a bit big for you? At over 800 pounds, large tourers and cruisers can be intimidating for anyone, much less somebody who is smaller in stature or mobility impaired. But does that mean you need to forget about your dream bike? In a word – no.

    Motorcycles are designed for an average rider weighing in at about 179 pounds and standing just under six feet tall. Statistically, for this rider to be considered the average, we know there must be many people who are both larger and smaller who enjoy riding. Plus, as riders age they shrink – Men can lose an inch between age 30 and 70 and women can lose two inches. Despite this mathematical reality, manufacturers often miss the mark when it comes to the fine balance between affordability and inclusivity; providing ride quality and proper seat height for the broad size range of riders has historically proven to be a challenge in motorcycle design.

    Whether you’re an older, smaller, or mobility-impaired rider doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the thrill of riding big V-Twin touring bikes or cruisers with confidence - especially while stopped or parking. While there are multiple ways you can lower your seat such as lowering links, shorter shocks, shaved seats and thicker boots souls, most include both advantages and challenges regarding safety, handling, comfort and ride quality. Choosing the right bike, utilizing the appropriate clothing and bike accessories, and upgrading to air suspension can all bring your ride experience to the next level. Continue reading

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