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Would you put Motorcycle Parts on your Car?

At every motorcycle rally that Arnott attends we end up upgrading several bikes that have tried to get by with cheap auto shocks. Always the same reasons: "awful ride," "shocks leak", "don't trust them", "accessories don't function", etc.  Would you put motorcycle parts on your car? Then why put auto parts on your bike.

Auto Shocks on Motorcycles are unsafe, provide a poor ride and are often replaced


Auto Shocks Sit in a Box after Being Replaced at Sturgis with Arnott Adjustable Air Shocks

Don't let a 4-wheel shock ruin your 2-wheel ride. "Elevate your Ride" by installing an Arnott Adjustable Motorcycle Air Suspension Kit featuring our patented TruAIR® technology starting at just $649 Retail.  Find out more on why you shouldn't use auto shocks on a motorcycle.


Corvette shocks on your motorcycle are unsafe, ride poorly and require modifications to install