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Smooth Ride Air Suspension Kits

Arnott Cycles Smooth Ride Air Suspension Kits

Why Smooth Ride?


Arnott’s Smooth Ride Series kits feature custom valved monotube shocks paired with Goodyear® multi-ply air springs to provide you with fast lowering adjustability and ride comfort that is superior to your current shocks. Arnott’s Smooth Ride kits are the affordable choice for true onboard adjustability costing about the same price as replacement coil springs or those risky auto shocks.

TruAIR® Technology

Arnott Cycles’ patented TruAIR design helps dampen the impact or road imperfections and reduces painful bottoming while keeping the bike’s rear tire firmly on the road for better safety.

Easy Install

Arnott kits contain everything you’ll need for a fast and flawless installation including a custom compressor mounting bracket, proprietary distribution valve, toggle inflation switch and all tubing, wiring and accessories. Arnott even includes split loom and wire ties to protect your wiring. All of Arnott Cycles’ Installation Manuals are available for online download to provide detailed instructions on how to install and set up your Smooth Ride kit.

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