5 Ways To Make Riding Your Motorcycle More Comfortable

As motorcycles have progressed over the years, they have become more technologically advanced and comfortable. However, since motorcycles are not one-size-fits-all vehicles, not every motorcycle will be as comfortable as it can be for every rider. You can do a few different things to make your motorcycle more comfortable to enjoy every minute of riding your bike.

5 Ways To Make Your Motorcycle More Comfortable

Today, we will look at five things you can do to make your motorcycle more comfortable. Whether traveling 5 miles to work and back or planning long road trips, each of these tips will help make your ride more comfortable.

Upgrade Your Seat

One of the most popular modifications that most people make to make their motorcycle more comfortable is upgrading the seat. While most motorcycle manufacturers have designed seats that are comfortable for most, many owners choose a different seat that fits their riding style more comfortably. There are many different seat styles, sizes, and materials on the market designed for specific riding styles to allow you to get the best seat possible for your motorcycle. 

Upgrade Your Wardrobe

If riding your motorcycle is uncomfortable, it may be worth changing your wardrobe. While many riders wear jeans or motorcycle-specific pants, there are padded shorts and pants you can buy to make your ride more comfortable. This will greatly benefit those anticipating a long ride or a route with rougher roads. You can also look at getting a seat pad as well if you do not want to change your riding clothing. 

Consider Getting A Backrest

Speaking of long road trips, keeping your back straight while riding for hours can quickly become uncomfortable. If your motorcycle is equipped for it, you can install a backrest to help give your body a rest on road trips. A backrest can be padded or non-padded, depending on your style, but it can easily make driving your motorcycle more comfortable. If you do not like the look of a backrest, you can always install it for your longer trips and remove it when traveling around town for more practical use.

Choose A Different Windshield

The windshield on a motorcycle serves a few different purposes. It helps keep you aerodynamic, blocks the oncoming wind, and protects you from road debris and bugs. Depending on how you ride your motorcycle, your factory windshield may not be the best size and shape to keep you comfortable while riding. Choosing a different windshield that suits your size and driving style can help make driving your motorcycle more comfortable and enjoyable. 

Upgrade To Air Suspension

Lastly, you can upgrade your factory or worn-out suspension for air suspension. The suspension on your motorcycle has the biggest influence on how comfortable your bike is, and upgrading to air can drastically improve your vehicle's ride quality while allowing you to fine-tune your suspension at the push of a button. With an air suspension kit from Arnott Motorcycle Suspension, you will get everything you need to convert to air suspension. 

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