Arnott Motorcycle Air Suspension


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On-the-Fly Arnott Adjustable Air Suspension

Raise and lower your motorcycle on-the-fly with the simple press of a button! Click on the image above to see Arnott Air Suspension in action.

Benefits of Arnott® Air Suspension

  • Exceptional Ride Comfort: Unlike stock shocks, Arnott’s adjustable air springs and custom-tuned dampers provide superior ride comfort, safety and luxury. Nothing will smooth out a chattering road or keep your rear tire firmly on the ground better than our Ultimate and Smooth Ride Series Kits. Stay in the saddle longer with Arnott.
  • Easy Installation: Installation is fast and easy! Not only are all of our Instructional Manuals available for download, but we also have dedicated Installation Videos on YouTube.
  • Designed for Motorcycles: Arnott Air Suspension Ride Kits are designed and tuned specifically for motorcycles and are not automotive parts bin castoffs like lesser alternatives.
  • TruAIR® Technology: Arnott products feature TruAIR® Technology, combining a custom valved shock with a multi-ply air sleeves in a patents-pending process, which is true air suspension (not air-assisted shocks, nor simple air cylinders), making a far superior product.
  • Rest Flat-Footed with Almost 3” of Shock Travel: 2-Button, on-the-fly air adjust with almost 3” of travel! That means you can lower your motorcycle to rest flat-footed while stopped and maneuver more easily when parking.
  • Reduce Painful Bottoming: Our adjustable air suspension system helps you smooth out almost any road while riding and reduces painful bottoming.
  • Rigorously Tested: Our products are rigorously tested. Not only do we test them on the road during development, but our shocks also undergo millions of brutal compression cycles on our Durability Dyno. All quality control is ISO 9001:2015 compliant.
  • Prevent Dangerous Tire Wear: Our shocks are expertly engineered to not be able to drop down lower than your stock shocks. This will prevent potentially dangerous tire wear from unwanted fender rubbing during deflation. This not only saves you money in the long term on tires, but it is also an important safety concern.
  • Prevents Extra Drivetrain Stress: By not being able to increase the height of your bike further than the stock shock’s expanded travel allows, Arnott air ride air shocks prevent extra stress on your drivetrain when the airbags are fully inflated.
  • USA Call Center: Headquartered in the USA, our primary customer care center is in Merritt Island, Florida. We also have additional offices in Europe. You’ll never have a problem contacting us should you have any questions. USA: +1.877.900.0247 & Europe: +31 73 7850 580.

Arnott TruAIR® Technology

With Arnott's Exclusive TruAIR® Technology, you can be sure to enjoy the smoothest ride. With an onboard compressor and switch, you can easily and safely change the height of your bike to your needs when you want. Discover more about TruAIR® Technology.

Air Suspension Kits for These Motorcycle Manufacturers

Harley-Davidson® Suzuki®
Honda® Victory®
Indian® Yamaha®
Kawasaki® Accessories
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