Arnott Launches New Motorcycle Video Featuring Ultimate Ride and Smooth Ride Onboard Air Suspension Kits

MERRITT ISLAND, FL -- Arnott Motorcycle Air Suspension -- the leader in True Onboard Adjustable Air Suspension kits for motorcycles -- is pleased to announce the release of a new video highlighting the company's innovative new solutions for motorcycle air suspension: the Ultimate Ride and Smooth Ride lines with TruAIR™ Technology.


Arnott's Motorcycle Air Suspension Kits Are Custom-Crafted
And Rigorously Tested in Arnott's Florida Manufacturing Facility


Arnott's Ultimate Ride and Smooth Ride lines of Motorcycle Air Suspension are completely redesigned for many popular Harley-Davidson®, Honda®, Indian®, Kawasaki®, Suzuki®, Victory®, and Yamaha® motorcycles.

The lines:

-- Ultimate Ride: top shelf premium performance, comfort, and quality for the serious rider ... starting at $1,399 retail.

-- Smooth Ride: a step up from stock shocks for the motorcyclist about town offering height and air spring adjustability at only $599 retail.

Click Here to watch the video and see for yourself why the slogan 'Elevate Your Ride™' accurately describes Arnott® Motorcycle Air Suspension Kits.

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