Benefits Of Air Suspension On Motorcycles

Benefits Of Air Suspension On Motorcycles

When most people think about air suspension, they picture cars, trucks, and SUVs slammed to the ground. Some may think of bagged mini-trucks, laying frame at their local car shows. Not many people think about motorcycles with air suspension, but it is actually becoming more popular than it ever has been. Today, we are going to look at the benefits of air suspension on motorcycles to give you a better idea of how you can upgrade your motorcycle’s air suspension.

What Is Air Suspension On A Motorcycle?

Air suspension is a type of suspension that uses an air spring to raise and lower your motorcycle. Much like a vehicle, the factory shock is replaced with an air spring-equipped shock to allow you to adjust to the desired ride height at the push of a button. Air suspension does require more components such as a compressor and wiring, but the benefits are worth the extra time and money. Unlike air suspension kits for vehicles, a motorcycle air suspension kit will not require a tank for storing air thanks to the single and smaller air spring. Motorcycle air suspension kits are more affordable, easier to install, and require fewer components.

Is Air Suspension Comfortable On A Motorcycle?

When compared to your factory and aftermarket motorcycle shocks, air suspension is way more comfortable for you and your passengers. Much like cars and trucks, air springs provide a comfort level incomparable to other suspension setups. Due to their cloud-like comfort level, it will not only be more comfortable, but it can also reduce the wear and tear on your bike. Since each motorcycle driver is going to be different, air suspension can be adjusted to fit your specific firmness and riding style to easily fine-tune and dial in your suspension.

Is Air Suspension Better Than Normal Suspension?

The short answer is yes, in our opinion air suspension is better than normal suspension. Air suspension for your motorcycle allows you to easily adjust the ride height of your motorcycle whereas normal suspension will only allow you to have one ride height. It also allows you to easily adjust the firmness to match your desired comfort level and the style of riding that you are doing. Want to carve the country roads? Increase the firmness to get the most performance out of your motorcycle. Ready to go on a long cruise and enjoy the weather? Adjust the firmness to a more comfortable level that is designed for long-distance cruising.

Arnott Motorcycle Air Suspension

If you are ready to add air suspension to your motorcycle, trust the experts at Arnott Motorcycle Air Suspension to provide you with the highest quality products. With over 30 years in business, Arnott has built our reputation around manufacturing quality aftermarket air suspension products for luxury vehicles and motorcycles. With a team full of air suspension experts, we can help you choose the best motorcycle air suspension components for the goals of your bike. Give us a call today or fill out our contact us form to get started!

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