Harley-Davidson Air Suspension - What You Need To Buy

Adding air suspension to a Harley-Davidson motorcycle is a modification that is becoming increasingly more popular as time goes on. With the availability of more parts, a better understanding of the benefits of adding air suspension to your motorcycle, and a general increase in modifying motorcycles, air suspension on Harley motorcycles is becoming more common than ever. Today, we are going to look at everything you need to add air suspension to your Harley-Davison motorcycle.

Harley-Davidson Air Suspension - What You Need To Buy

Harley-Davidson Air Suspension Parts List

Whether you are building your own Harley-Davidson air suspension kit or simply need a checklist to ensure your all-in-one kit has everything you need, we here at Arnott Motorcycle Air Suspension have made things easy with our Harley-Davidson air suspension parts list.

Shock Absorber

When switching over to air suspension, you are going to need to replace a few factory suspension components. One of the most important components that you need to remember is a performance shock absorber designed to work with air suspension. The type of shock absorber you will need will depend on your particular setup, but Arnott Motorcycle Air Suspension has everything you need to pair it up correctly to your air spring.

Air Springs

Air springs are going to be what you replace your factory suspension components with to allow for your ride height to be adjusted. Your air springs will fill and release air to raise and lower your motorcycle to the desired height. You can purchase air springs with a shock sold separately or as a kit where the spring has been integrated into the shock.

Air Compressor

The component that supplies the air that is used in your air suspension system is called an air compressor. Similar to car and truck air suspension systems, the air compressor on a motorcycle brings in outside air, compresses it, and uses it to raise and lower the motorcycle. Motorcycle air suspension compressors come in a few different varieties, but here at Arnott, we use only the highest-quality compressors from industry leader VIAIR.

Inflation Switch

In order to control your air suspension components, you will need an inflation switch. An inflation switch is simply a two-button switch that allows you to inflate and deflate the air spring to raise and lower the motorcycle. You can liken this to an up and down button as one button raises the motorcycle and the other lowers the motorcycle. At Arnott, we offer a few different configurations to customize your Harley.

Air Distribution Valve

Similar to a valve manifold in an automotive air suspension setup, the air distribution valve is a valve that opens and closes to let air in or let the air out of your air spring. This is an electronically controlled valve that connects to your inflation switch and will be responsible for the air distribution throughout your system.


Lastly, you will need to ensure you get all of the necessary installation hardware to neatly install your motorcycle air suspension. This can include mounting hardware, zip ties, electrical wire loom, and other hardware associated with the components you are installing. If purchasing a full motorcycle air suspension kit from Arnott, you will get everything you need for your installation in our kit.

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