Harley Softail Air Ride - Everything You Need To Know

The Harley Softail motorcycle is one of the most popular Harley Davidson motorcycles on the road today. With a vintage look and modern technology, you get the best of both worlds and Harley’s high-quality reputation. The suspension on the Softail is a very comfortable setup that is great for daily driving. However, some enthusiasts want to take things to the next level with air suspension. Today, we will look at everything you need to know about adding air ride suspension to your Harley Softail.

Can I Add Air Suspension To My Harley Softail?

Yes! Adding air suspension to a Harley Softail has never been easier, thanks to Arnott Motorcycle Air Suspension. These air suspension kits feature everything you need to add air suspension to your Softail to increase ride quality, give your motorcycle a great new look, and give you the ability to fine-tune your suspension at the push of a button.

What Comes In A Harley Softail Air Suspension Kit?

Since each Harley Softail air suspension kit will feature everything you need to get the kit installed, there is no second guessing what you may or may not need. Let’s take a closer look at each component of Arnott’s Harley Softail Air Ride Suspension Kit.

FOX Shock Absorber

As one of the leading suspension manufacturers in the industry, FOX shock absorbers are standard in each of our Ultimate Ride air suspension kits to provide you with the best components available. 

Fully Enclosed Air Spring w/ Goodyear Sleeve

A fully enclosed air spring with a Goodyear sleeve is utilized for lifting and lowering your motorcycle. Goodyear sleeves are used on some of the largest air suspension systems.

ViAIR High Output Compressor w/ Application-Specific Bracket

To provide your air suspension system with compressed air, we include a ViAIR high-output compressor in each kit. ViAIR is an industry leader in air suspension compressors and one of the most recognized brands by enthusiasts. You will also receive an application-specific bracket to mount your compressor with no modification needed.

Compressor Cover

In your air suspension kit, you will receive a cover for your compressor to keep your air suspension system looking sleek and to keep your compressor protected from the elements.

Handle-Bar Mounted Inflation Switch

To control your air suspension system, you will need an inflation switch. An inflation switch is a two-button switch system that is mounted at the handlebars to allow you to raise and lower your motorcycle.

Air Distribution Valve

The air distribution valve is the valve that opens and closes to allow air in and out of your air spring.

Fused Wiring Harness & Relay Assembly

We will include a fused wired harness and relay assembly to get everything wired neatly and correctly. This makes wiring your air suspension system quick and easy.

Nylon Air Line Tubing

You will need air line tubing to carry your compressed air throughout your system. We include enough nylon air line tubing to complete the plumbing on your motorcycle.

All Necessary Hardware

Lastly, you will get all of the necessary installation hardware to ensure your air suspension system is installed correctly.

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