How To Add Air Suspension To A Victory Motorcycle

Victory Motorcycles are one of the most popular brands of motorcycles on the market today. With various models to choose from, Victory offers a motorcycle for just about any type of rider. The aftermarket support for Victory models is one of the biggest benefits for motorcycle enthusiasts. You can find all types of modifications to transform the look of your bike. Air suspension is one of the most popular suspension modifications for Victory Motorcycles. Today, we will look at the benefits of adding air suspension to your Victory Motorcycle and what you will need to install it.

What Are The Benefits Of Adding Air Suspension To My Victory Motorcycle?

When upgrading to an air suspension kit for your Victory Motorcycle, you will get more than just the adjustable ride height. Let’s look at some of the biggest benefits of adding air suspension to your Victory Motorcycle:

Easier To Plant Both Feet When Stopped

On factory suspension, those with shorter legs may be unable to rest both feet comfortably when stopping at a stoplight. This usually means leaning to one side or alternating between both feet once one becomes tired. With air suspension, you can easily adjust your suspension to allow both feet to be planted, giving you a much more comfortable stance.

Dial In Your Suspension On The Fly

You can get great suspension performance with factory or aftermarket shocks, but it will not be adjustable while riding. With air suspension, you can quickly go from a firmer suspension for more spirited driving to a more comfortable ride to cruise back home or on road trips. 

Better Looks When Parked & While Riding

Last but certainly not least is the aesthetics of your motorcycle. Most motorcycle owners purchase their bikes due to the way that they look. That is why many enthusiasts choose to modify them to get them looking how they want. With air suspension, you can adjust your motorcycle’s ride height on the fly for better looks when you park and while you ride.

How Do I Add Air Suspension To A Victory Motorcycle?

Adding air suspension to a Victory Motorcycle has never been easier. At Arnott Motorcycle Suspension, we currently offer air suspension kits for eight different trim levels, including:

  • Cross Country
  • Cross Country Touring
  • Magnum
  • Magnum X-1
  • Vegas
  • Vegas 8-Ball
  • Gunner
  • Hammer S

Each of our Victory Motorcycle air suspension kits will include everything you need to make the switch to air suspension. Of course, each kit may differ, but they will each have everything needed to complete your installation.  Each of our Victory Motorcycle air suspension kits will include:

  • 1 Shock Absorber
  • ViAIR Compressor w/Application-Specific Mounting Bracket
  • Handlebar-Mounted Inflation Switch
  • Air Distribution Valve w/Air Speed Control Muffler
  • Fused Wiring Harness & Relay Assembly
  • All Necessary Mounting Hardware
  • Nylon Air Line Tubing
  • Cable Ties
  • Detailed Installation Manual

If you are ready to add air suspension to your Victory Motorcycle and have any questions, fill out our contact form to connect with our motorcycle air suspension experts.

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