Is Air Ride Good For Handling On Motorcycles?

Air ride is a great way to increase handling and suspension performance on your motorcycle. Built with performance, safety, and comfort in mind, Arnott’s motorcycle air suspension kits can give you the ability to adjust your suspension to your specific riding style at the push of a button. Unlike static suspension, where you can only enjoy one specific handling setting, air suspension allows you to tune your suspension in just a few minutes. This is perfect for tightening up your suspension for winding backroads and making it more comfortable for long road trips.

Adjustable Suspension At The Push Of A Button

In each motorcycle suspension kit, you will get everything you need for a fully functioning air suspension setup. Each kit has a handlebar inflation switch that allows you to raise or lower your motorcycle in seconds. Whether you are looking for a more aggressive stance on your motorcycle, better suspension tuning capabilities,  or simply want to be able to lower your motorcycle at a stop light to rest both feet, air suspension is going to be the answer.

TruAIR® Technology

Unlike other motorcycle air suspensions on the market, Arnott’s TruAIR technology is not a simple air cylinder, air-assisted shocks, or automotive castoffs. It is a true adjustable air suspension that provides superior comfort, great looks, and adjustability for on-the-fly adjustments using an onboard compressor.


  • Patented Design
  • Monotube Damper
  • Multi-Ply Goodyear Bladder
  • Motorcycle-Specific Bushings
  • Protective Aluminum Can
  • Urethan Bumpstop
  • CNC Machined Components
  • Optional Reboud Dampening Adjustment

The Arnott Difference

Our air suspension kits have undergone years of research, development, and testing to ensure you get the highest quality suspension components. As avid motorcycle enthusiasts ourselves, we considered the following to ensure our suspension kits met every need you may have:


Each motorcycle air suspension kit is fully adjustable based on a rider’s weight and height. This allows for a more comfortable ride, whether on a long drive, riding with a passenger, or bringing some luggage along.


Our kits are designed with safety in mind to keep you safe at all times. The fender will not touch the tire if an air spring sleeve is fully deflated. This is common with automotive-designed shocks that are installed on motorcycles.


Tuning a conventional spring and shock can take hours and be very tedious, especially for those new to tuning. Thanks to Arnott’s onboard adjustability, you can tune your motorcycle air suspension in minutes.


Adjusting your suspension in minutes, you can set your suspension up for specific driving conditions in minutes, improving your handling in various conditions.


One of the best features of adjustable air suspension is the ability to customize your motorcycle at the push of a button. From increasing the firmness of your suspension to getting a lower stance, you can do it all with air suspension.

High-Quality Air Suspension Kits From Arnott Motorcycle Air Suspension 

If you are ready to take your motorcycle to the next level, literally, Arnott Motorcycle Air Suspension can make it happen. With a wide variety of air suspension kits for the most popular motorcycles on the market, you can get everything you need to add air to your bike. Check out our current selection of motorcycle air suspension kits to get started today!

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