Is Motorcycle Air Ride Suspension Reliable

When it comes to suspension for your motorcycle, you will want something that rides comfortably, provides great performance, and, most importantly, is reliable. You will have many more components than traditional suspension setups with air suspension, so having the highest-quality components is vital to a long-lasting air suspension kit. Today, we will discuss how reliable motorcycle air suspension is and what type of warranty you can expect from your kit.

Is Motorcycle Air Ride Suspension Reliable?

Yes! Air ride suspension is reliable for motorcycles. At Arnott Motorcycle Suspension(R), we offer only the highest quality air suspension components to give you a suspension setup that will last for years. You can trust that your air suspension system will accurately raise and lower your motorcycle every time you push the button. Of course, the amount of care you give your suspension system can affect the function of your system. If your motorcycle is exposed to harsh conditions and is rarely maintained, you can expect your air ride suspension to suffer as well.

How Long Does Air Suspension Last?

With normal care, your motorcycle air suspension should give you many miles of reliable adjustable riding. The key to keeping your air suspension running at its best is ensuring you take good care of your motorcycle. Since most motorcycles are used in favorable weather conditions, most motorcycle owners do not have to worry about excessive wear from the elements.

What Kind Of Warranty Does Air Suspension Have?

To give you peace of mind that you are getting the best products in the industry from a company that stands behind its products, Arnott Motorcycle Air Suspension offers the following warranty:

Arnott® Inc. offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty for United States and Canada on Arnott branded Air Springs, Air Struts, Compressors, Coil Spring Conversion Kits and Arnott branded Adjustable Motorcycle Suspension Kits. Orders for Arnott branded products outside of the United States and Canada (i.e., the European Union, Mexico, and the rest of the world) come with a Limited Two-Year Warranty. Arnott offers a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and a 90-Day Return Policy on unused and uninstalled products. Arnott offers a 30-Day Warranty on parts used in commercial vehicles. Improper use or installation is not a manufacturer's defect and is not covered by the warranty. The Arnott Warranty is non-transferable.

You can read the full text of the Arnott Warranty here.

High-Quality Motorcycle Air Suspension Kits From Arnott

Now that you know how reliable air suspension is for motorcycles, you can trust the Arnott Motorcycle Air Suspension experts to provide you with the highest quality products. With over 30 years in business, Arnott has built our reputation around manufacturing quality aftermarket air suspension products for luxury vehicles, SUV’s and motorcycles. With a team full of air suspension experts, Arnott can help you choose the best motorcycle air suspension components for the goals of your bike. Give us a call today or fill out our contact us form to get started!

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