Motorcycle Air Suspension vs Coil Shocks

When it comes to modding or upgrading your motorcycle, there are a few common components everyone chooses to swap out. This includes fairings, exhaust, and suspension, just to name a few. While a new exhaust may sound great and new fairings give your motorcycle a great new look, upgrading your suspension has the biggest benefit regarding performance and comfort. Today, we will look at the importance of suspension and the differences between coil shocks and air suspension.

How Important Is Suspension On A Motorcycle?

The suspension on your motorcycle is one of the most important components of your bike. Not only does it dictate how comfortable your motorcycle is, it also helps with braking, handling, and overall performance. A worn-out suspension can cause your motorcycle to ride and handle poorly, increasing the risk of accidents. It can also take a toll on your body as you will feel more bumps in the road since the shocks do not absorb as well as they used to. You can choose direct replacement shocks, coil shocks, or air suspension when upgrading your motorcycle suspension. 

Motorcycle Coil Shocks

First, we will look at coil shocks for your motorcycle. These shocks are usually direct replacements for your stock units but are built to increase handling, comfort, and overall suspension performance. These shocks are usually offered in a non-adjustable or adjustable configuration, allowing the user to adjust the damping features with a special tool. coil shocks are good for upgrading your stock shocks but require manual adjusting to get your suspension tuned to your liking.

Motorcycle Air Suspension

If you want the ultimate suspension for your motorcycle, air suspension is the way to go. Motorcycle air suspension kits allow you to raise and lower your motorcycle to your liking at the push of a button. This will allow you to adjust your suspension for the type of driving you will be doing. It is also great for lowering your motorcycle when you come to a stop to allow for both feet to be planted on the ground. Air suspension offers the best ride quality and is a great upgrade for motorcycles built for shows.

Air Suspension Vs Shocks - Which Is Best For Me?

When it comes to figuring out which suspension is best, the clear winner is air suspension. Air suspension allows you to quickly adjust your suspension by simply pushing a button on your handlebars. Unlike coil shocks, you are not limited to a certain ride height or comfort level. While you can adjust certain coil shocks with a special tool, it will not be as simple or quick as air suspension.

High-Quality Motorcycle Air Suspension Kits

Now that you know the difference between motorcycle air suspension and coil shocks, its time to make an upgrade! At Arnott Motorcycle Air Suspension, we offer the industry's highest-quality motorcycle air suspension kits. We use only the best brands in the industry in our kits to give you an air suspension kit that performs above the rest!. Call us today or fill out our online contact form to contact a motorcycle air suspension specialist.

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