Motorcycle Enthusiast and Shop Owner Elevates His Ride – and Revenue – With Arnott® Motorcycle Air Suspension Products

“I’ve had lots of suspensions on my bikes over the years, pretty much everything.

I really wasn’t turned on by air suspensions, frankly.

But Arnott has changed my mind. The Arnott product makes a big difference.

Arnott engineers definitely have done their homework.”


-- Brian Barker, Owner, Brian Barker Cycles


Company: Brian Barker Cycles

Location: Cocoa, Florida

Specialty: Motorcycle Sales and Service

Founded: 2010

Motorcycle Air Suspension Provider of Choice: Arnott Motorcycle Air Suspension Products



Background and Overview

Brian Barker Cycles is a popular Florida east coast independent motorcycle sales, service, and customization business perfectly located just a short ride from Daytona Beach, one of the world’s most popular motorsports destinations.


President and Owner Brian Barker -- a life-long motorsports enthusiast born in Fort Wayne, Indiana and raised in Florida -- operates Brian Barker Cycles from his facility located at 3881 North U.S. 1 in Cocoa, FL.


“My father was a farmer, so we were on motorized equipment from a young age,” remembers Barker. “As long as I can remember, I’ve been comfortable driving and riding … I was a professional race car driver for 17 years.”


Brian Barker Cycles prides itself on being American owned and operated, and for providing what has become an all-too rare customer experience in today’s business world: a combination of technology based on the latest in parts and equipment, plus friendly service, backed by honesty and integrity.


“We work on any and all motorcycles, but mostly Harley-Davidson®,” said Barker. “My business philosophy is that when folks come in to my shop, we treat them like family. We want them to feel like we’re being fair and honest … so what I see as good clientele remain that way … knowledgeable, repeat customers.”

Like Good Neighbors


“No motorcycle rider wants to live the joked-about motorcycle experience … the one that says you need to have two bikes … one to drive and the other to keep in the repair shop,” said Barker. “Riders want to ride … and shops want to keep their riders on the road. That’s why Arnott has become an important supplier for us.


“For one thing, Arnott headquarters are in Merritt Island, right up the road from us … so we’re neighbors. But even more, as a world class supplier of automotive and motorcycle air suspension parts, that’s important for me as a rider, and a great point of reference for my business.”


Keys To The Highway

Brian Barker Cycles recently faced a situation in which a motorcycle owner wanted to replace his motorcycle’s original suspension with a more comfortable, adjustable solution. What to do? First order of business: contact trusted advisor Brian Barker at Brian Barker Cycles.


“My first thought was safety is key, and then comfort … a bike’s suspension plays a huge role in both. Over the years, dealing with stock suspensions, and the few replacements and upgrades available, that was a real challenge for both rider and service provider.


“I’ve had lots of suspensions on my bikes over the years … pretty much everything. I really wasn’t turned on by air suspension, frankly. But Arnott has changed my mind. The Arnott product makes a big difference. Arnott engineers definitely have done their homework. I had no problem recommending, selling, and installing an Arnott Motorcycle Air Suspension Kit.”

Arnott® Elevates The Ride


Barker said one of the biggest concerns with stock suspensions – and many alleged aftermarket air suspension products -- is the lack of adjustability. With Arnott Motorcycle Air Suspension, a rider can change the ride based on road conditions.


“With stock suspensions, it is what it is,” said Barker. “It’s minimal suspension at the lowest price. Arnott Motorcycle Air Suspension provides great looks, perfect fit, comfort, and safety ... more traction, more stability. The company’s use of a bump stop is another key product feature … no painful bottoming out.”


Arnott Motorcycle Air Suspension Features TruAIR Technology


Arnott's TruAIR technology is true adjustable air suspension, not simple air cylinders, 'air-assisted' shocks or automotive castoffs. Arnott kits offer fast, on-the-fly adjustable air spring firmness using a powerful onboard compressor across both the Ultimate Ride and Smooth Ride lines offered by the company.

Fast and Flawless Installation


Barker finds Arnott Motorcycle Air Suspension Kits easy to install.

“At our shop, we can install an Arnott kit in about 45 minutes,” said Barker. “A do-it-your-selfer might have to spend an hour and a half. It’s pretty much plug and play.”


It’s All About The Ride

“I just love the ride,” said Barker. And he should know. He’s been riding motorcycles for decades and his motorcycle pride and joy is an ‘04 Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic Custom, a bike featured in four cycle magazines in the last five years.


“The ability to adjust the ride on the fly at any time is really nice. You don’t have to sit and wait. As the road changes, you flip a switch. Also, shorter riders really like the ability to drop the bike down when they’re stopped at a light or parked. When it’s time to move, they just adjust and go.


“It’s real clear why Arnott has chosen Elevate Your Ride as a product slogan for the motorcycle air suspension kits. That’s it!


Arnott Motorcycle Air Suspension Products: The Provider of Choice

Barker’s appreciation for Arnott extends beyond the hardware, noting ‘a friend of a friend’ introduced him to an Arnott employee. Another friendship developed, and that turned into a mutually beneficial business association.


“Not only do I have the suspension on my own bike and offer the product to my customers, but I have been able to help Arnott with onsite installs at their booth during Bike Week in Daytona,” said Barker. “I’m pleased with the association all around. Word of mouth, friendly referrals … these things have been important to my company and from what I have learned, the same things have been a big part of Arnott’s growth and development. Arnott is an American success story … a father and son started tinkering in the family garage and came up with a better way. It’s a great story … one I can identify with.”


Barker summed up his impressions of Arnott:


“My customers expect the best in parts and service, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t paying attention to what it costs. Arnott helps me provide my customers with the best of both worlds … quality parts, and reasonable pricing. Plus, the company backs all its Motorcycle Air Suspension Kits with a Limited Lifetime Warranty … I like that, and so do my customers.”




For more information about Brian Barker Cycles, visit … or call 321 735-4933.


For more information about Arnott Motorcycle Air Suspension Products, visit … or call Arnott toll-free at 877.900.0247. You can also email Arnott:

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