Arnott Shock Only Replacement Kit Available for H-D Touring Models with Existing Aftermarket Air Suspension

Arnott, the leader in true onboard adjustable air suspension kits for motorcycles, has introduced new shock only replacement kits for 1990 - Current Harley-Davidson® Touring models with an existing aftermarket air suspension kit and inflation components already installed.

The kit is designed for riders with an installed aftermarket air suspension kit who are looking to replace and upgrade their failing or inferior rear shocks, but not the rest of the kit (compressor, inflation switch, valve block, electronics, etc.) The new shock only kits, which is ideal for replacing automotive shocks and air canister type shocks, includes Arnott’s Smooth or Ultimate Ride Series shocks, 4MM VOSS air line fittings, and 4MM tubing.

Unlike shocks designed for 30+ year old automobiles, Arnott's Ultimate and Smooth Ride Series shocks were engineered specifically for 1990-2019 Harley Davidson® Touring models. Arnott's Ultimate Ride and Smooth Ride Shocks both feature nitrogen-charged mono-tube dampers with internal floating pistons.

Both sets of shocks are paired, using a patented design, with a rugged Goodyear® air sleeve, ensuring superior comfort, ride quality, height adjustability and durability. Each shock is custom-crafted and rigorously tested in Arnott’s Florida manufacturing facility.

Arnott® Ultimate Ride Series shocks are assembled with Fox® Street Performance IFP shocks featuring a 1/2-inch low friction chrome shaft and FOX's proprietary high-flow, deflective disk, velocity-sensitive damping.

MS-3398 – Ultimate Ride Chrome Shocks for 1990-2019 H-D Touring Models - $949

MS-3397 – Ultimate Ride Black Shocks for 1990-2019 H-D Touring Models - $949

Arnott® Ultimate Ride Series shocks with Rebound Control are assembled with Fox® Street Performance IFP shocks but also include knobs to control the damper's rebound or extension cycle after hitting a bump.

MS-3396 – Ultimate Ride Chrome Shocks with Rebound Adjustment for 1990-2019 H-D Touring Models - $1,149

MS-3395 -  Ultimate Ride Black Shocks with Rebound Adjustment for 1990-2019 H-D Touring Models - $1,149

Arnott's chrome MS-3396 Ultimate Ride Shocks with FOX® dampers replace cheap auto shocks designed for a 30+ year old car

Arnott® Smooth Ride Series shocks have dampers that are custom made for Arnott and offer improved safety and ride quality over air canisters and auto shocks at an affordable price.

MS-3399 – Smooth Ride Shocks for 1990-2019 H-D Touring Models - $399

Arnott®  14" Smooth Ride Series shocks provide an extra inch for custom H-D Touring bikes so their extended bags won't get damaged from rubbing on the road during turns.

Arnott's affordable MS-3399 Smooth Ride Shocks enable you to replace installed shocks but use the compressor and other kit parts

Arnott Shocks Feature:

  • Arnott's Patented TruAIR® Technology
  • Nitrogen-Charged Mono-Tube Dampers with an Internal Floating Piston
  • Goodyear Multi-Ply, Cross Cord Air Sleeves
  • Top & Bottom Mounts with Custom Bushings Designed for Motorcycles
  • VOSS Air Line Fittings
  • Aluminum Can to Protect Air Sleeve for a Long Service Life
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty in North America


NOTE: Each Shock Only Kit includes 2 shocks, 2 VOSS Airline Fittings, and 6’ of 4MM Airline

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