What Are Air Shocks For Motorcycles?

When choosing a suspension for your motorcycle, you are going to be presented with a couple of different options. For those who are wanting an adjustable suspension, air suspension is going to be what you want to look for. When adding air suspension to a motorcycle, you are going to need to swap out your factory shocks for air shocks. Today, we are going to look at what an air shock is and how they work.

What Are Air Shocks For Motorcycles?

What Are Air Shocks For Motorcycles?

Air shocks on motorcycles are a replacement shock that utilizes air to raise and lower the shock to raise or lower your motorcycle. Air shocks look similar to factory shocks and will mount in the same location for an easy direct replacement. Air shocks are model specific, so you will need to get a specific shock for the exact model of motorcycle that you have. At Arnott Motorcycle Air Suspension, we offer a wide selection of air shocks for a variety of different models. Choose from chrome or black finish air shocks to get the perfect look. Each of our Arnott air shocks is made to last and is backed by an industry-leading warranty.

How Do Air Shocks Work On A Motorcycle?

Air shocks on a motorcycle work similar to the air shocks of an automobile air suspension system, except they will not have a rubber bladder. Air shocks contain an air chamber with a valve coming off of it. This air chamber can be inflated or deflated via an inflation switch. This type of design allows the air shock to be more compact, making it easy to mount on your motorcycle.

Are Air Shocks Worth It?

Air shocks and air suspension is a great upgrade for just about any motorcycle owner who is looking to get an adjustable suspension, better ride quality, and adjustable firmness. Air shocks are going to provide you with the ability to raise and lower your motorcycle at the push of a button, adding to the custom looks of your bike. Since you will be using air as your primary suspension component, you will get a softer and more comfortable ride for you and your passengers. Lastly, you will get the ability to adjust the firmness of your suspension. This allows you to get a tighter suspension for taking tight turns in the mountains and then dial it down and get a softer ride for long road trips.

Motorcycle Air Shocks From Arnott Motorcycle Air Suspension

If you are ready to take your motorcycle to the next level, literally, trust the experts at Arnott Motorcycle air suspension to get you everything you need to add air suspension to your motorcycle. With a large selection of high-quality air suspension components covering a wide variety of makes and models, you can easily piece together your own kit or purchase an all-in-one kit for your motorcycle. Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form to get in touch with a motorcycle air suspension specialist.

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