What Is Needed For A Motorcycle Air Suspension Kit?

What Is Needed For A Motorcycle Air Suspension Kit?

If you are thinking of purchasing or building an air suspension kit for your motorcycle, you will need to know what components you will need. Here at Arnott, we offer ready-to-install kits and individual parts to piece together your own kit if you want to mix and match components. Today, we will go over everything you will need for a motorcycle air suspension kit.

Motorcycle Air Suspension Parts List

If you are building your own motorcycle air suspension kit, you are going to need the right components to ensure you make a complete kit. Below is a list of everything you will need to build out a kit, which can also be used to spot-check an all-in-one kit for everything you need.

Shock Absorber

To replace your factory suspension components, you are going to need a performance shock absorber in addition to an air spring, or a shock absorber with an air spring and sleeve. This will depend on your specific setup, but luckily Arnott Motorcycle Air Suspension has everything you need paired up and ready to go.

Air Springs

Air springs are what allow your motorcycle to be raised or lowered. By filling with air, your air spring will raise your motorcycle to the desired height. By releasing the air in the air spring, you will lower your motorcycle to your liking. Some kits will have an air spring separate from the shock while some will be integrated into a shock.

Air Compressor

In order to provide air for the system, an air compressor must be used to compress the surrounding air to flow to the air spring. Motorcycle air suspension compressors come in a few different varieties, but here at Arnott, we use only the highest quality compressors from industry leader VIAIR.

Inflation Switch

The inflation switch in your motorcycle air suspension kit is going to be a simple two-button switch that inflates and deflates the air springs. Think of this as an up and down button. One button inflates the bag, raising the bike, whereas the other button deflates the bag and lowers the bike. These can be found in a few different setups as well.

Air Distribution Valve

The air distribution valve is a valve that opens and closes to let air into your air spring. This valve is electronically controlled via the inflation switch and is fully responsible for the air distribution in your system.

Wiring Harness

Wiring harnesses for motorcycle air suspension systems will come in a few different varieties depending on what you choose to go with. Most complete kits will come with their own specific wiring harness to make installation a breeze.


Lastly, you are going to need all of the necessary hardware to get everything installed nice and neatly. This can include mounting hardware, zip ties, electrical wire loom, and other hardware associated with the components you are installing. If purchasing a full motorcycle air suspension kit from Arnott, you will get everything you need for your installation in our kit.

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