What Is The Best Air Ride Suspension For Motorcycles?

Modding your motorcycle is a great way to showcase your unique style and help set your motorcycle apart from the crowd. While most people tend to choose paint jobs, exhausts, and fairings, the suspension is an area many overlook. While your run-of-the-mill aftermarket suspension isn't going to set your motorcycle apart from the crowd, air suspension can. Adding air suspension to your motorcycle is easier than most people think, especially when you purchase a high-quality kit. Today, we are going to discuss how you can get the best motorcycle air ride system to increase ride comfort, give you better performance, and allow for adjustable ride height.

What Is The Best Air Ride Suspension For Motorcycles?

The best air ride system for a motorcycle is one that features high-quality components, easy-to-install parts, and all of the features you are looking for. At Arnott Motorcycle Air Suspension, we offer some of the best motorcycle air ride suspension kits and components.

What Components Do I Need To Add Air Suspension To My Motorcycle?

When choosing to add air suspension to your motorcycle, you will have two options: purchase an all-in-one kit or build your kit. To give you a better idea of what components you need to add air suspension to your motorcycle, we are going to list out everything that comes in our ready-to-install kits.

Shock Absorbers

When switching to air suspension, you are going to need to replace your factory shocks with air shock absorbers. These shocks offer up to 3” of travel by raising and lowering when they fill with air. These will be model-specific, so make sure that you purchase correctly.

Inflation Switch

To control your motorcycle’s air suspension, you are going to need an inflation switch. The inflation switch is a two-button switch that allows you to raise and lower the motorcycle at the push of a button.


To get air into your air suspension system, you are going to need an air compressor. Motorcycle air suspension compressors are much smaller in size to fit perfectly on your frame. With each compressor comes a vehicle-specific mounting bracket for easy installation.

Air Distribution Valve

The key component in any air suspension system is the air distribution valve. This valve receives a signal from the inflation switch, opening and closing a valve to let air in or out of your system.

Fused Wiring Harness & Relay

While those who are good with electronics can build their wiring harness and relay block, we offer complete fused wiring harnesses and relays to make things much easier. These kits allow your entire system to be wired up quickly and easily.

Air Line Tubing

Last but not least, you are going to need nylon air line tubing to carry the air to each component. This air line is included in all of our complete motorcycle air suspension kits, but you can purchase it separately if you are piecing together your kit. It is important to route this air line away from moving parts to prevent damage.

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