What Is The Best Air Ride Suspension For Victory Motorcycles?

As a leading motorcycle manufacturer, Victory Motorcycles have certainly made its name in the industry. From Cross Country models to Vegas 8-Ball, there is something for everyone at Victory. For years, motorcycle enthusiasts have been modding Victory motorcycles to show off their personalities and make them their own. While fairings and exhaust have always been popular mods, suspension has become another popular area people choose to modify. That is where Arnott Motorcycle Air Suspension comes into play. With various air suspension kits for Victory Motorcycles, Arnott is your leading provider of high-quality motorcycle air suspension components.

What Is The Best Air Ride Suspension For Victory Motorcycles?

The best air ride suspension kit for Victory motorcycles is a kit that gives you all of the high-quality components you need to upgrade your suspension and give you a more comfortable ride. With a wide variety of complete Victory air suspension systems for various models, you are sure to find just what you need at Arnott Motorcycle air suspension.

What Components Do I Need To Add Air Suspension To My Victory Motorcycles?

To give you a better idea of what components you need to add air suspension to your Victory motorcycle, we are going to list out everything that comes in our ready-to-install kits.

Shock Absorbers

Motorcycle air ride shocks are much different from air shocks found on car or truck applications. They are smaller and do not feature an air bag as their smaller size will not accommodate one. Instead, they feature an air sleeve that allows your suspension to be adjusted up to 3.3” of travel.

Inflation Switch

The inflation switch is a handlebar-mounted, two-button switch that allows you to inflate and deflate your air shock to raise and lower the motorcycle. At Arnott, we offer a few different variations of inflation switches to cater to your specific styling and functional needs.


No air suspension is complete without an air compressor. Motorcycle air compressors are very small to fit your motorcycle but are the perfect size for your needs. Each of our kits comes with a high-quality ViAIR high output compressor and application-specific bracket.

Air Distribution Valve

The air distribution valve on an air suspension kit is the valve that opens and closes to allow air into your air shock. This valve is controlled by the inflation switch and is included in each motorcycle air suspension kit.

Fused Wiring Harness & Relay

To have a functioning air suspension system, you are going to need a proper wiring harness. At Arnott, we include fused wiring harnesses and relays so your system can be easily wired in with little to no modification.

Air Line Tubing

Last but not least, you are going to need nylon air line tubing to carry the air to each component. This air line is included in all of our complete kits, but you can purchase it separately if you are piecing together your motorcycle air suspension kit. It is important to route this air line away from moving parts to prevent damage.

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